Underrated London Hotspots

As Kellan and I have been strolling around London, we’ve found a ton of cool places that we didn’t know were there. Through word of mouth from coworkers, taking wrong turns, and a little bit of research, we’ve uncovered some great spots to explore and see in London! I’m sure it will be an ongoing list, but these are definitely at the top of my list thus far! 

One of the best places that I accidentally found, was Persephone Books. Persephone Books is a small bookshop that publishes primarily Female authors novels that are currently out of print. I walked in there and instantly could tell that it was a place I would have to come back to way more than once. Everything was chicly organized, and each stack of books had a little blurb about the book underneath, as well as a uniquely patterned bookmark that is free with the purchase of the coordinating book. It’s a small, adorable little shop in the Bloomsbury neighbourhood, close to one of the other hotspots I’ll be mentioning. I love supporting small businesses when I can, and this lovely little shop is a must see!

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When I left Persephone Books, I wandered around the cute little neighbourhood and I stumbled upon The Charles Dickens Museum. It’s a quaint little museum, situated in a townhouse, with a small gift shop and cafe on the main floor, and the museum itself on the upper floor, it’s a lovely little spot to spend an afternoon. The cafe has quite delicious treats as well, and I found it a great spot to sit and read after exploring the museum. Even the wallpaper (pictured here) was adorable.


The Southbank Book market was something that Kellan and I hadn’t heard of until we looked up places that sold used books, and stumbled upon this one. It is a massive collection of used books that are being sold by multiple sellers every day under the Southbank Bridge. There are so many books to choose from, and each time we’ve gone (we’ve definitely gone more times than I would like to admit) we’ve both come home with armloads of books. It’s a picturesque little spot right by the Thames, and it’s covered over by the bridge if it happens to be a rainy day (very common in London). It also sells prints and drawings, as well as records, and the prices are fantastic. It’s definitely a must-see if you’re a book lover, but be warned, you’ll come out with armfuls more than you bargained for!

This next one is definitely not as underrated as the rest, but it is certainly well-loved by me! As any instagram-loving gal would tell you, one of the best ways to find cool places to visit, is by searching up a location alongside the words “cute” “chic” or “pink”. I don’t deny it. Lo and behold, Farm Girl makes its way into my search results. It is an adorable cafe along Portobello Road, just before the business of the market kicks in, and has both outdoor and indoor dining. What got me loving it was the adorable rose petal latte that they serve. They infuse the milk (dairy or non-dairy options) with rose water, and then they add dried rose petals to the finished latte. Not only is it absolutely adorable to look at, but it tastes amazing! Definitely a place worth going back to!

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On one of the first weekends that Kellan and I were in London, we decided to stay in the heart of the city at a hotel, and just explore. We hadn’t realized that we were in Earl’s Court, as it so easily changes from Kensington over to Earl’s Court. It is just as pastel-coloured as Notting Hill, with just as many shops as Chelsea, and it also houses the TARDIS which as my fellow Whovians would agree, is a BIG DEAL. We loved exploring this area, as there were not many tourists, and all of the shops we saw were local, as were the cafe’s and restaurants. Definitely an area worth visiting!

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