Fierce Female of the Week: Emma Watson

Every Wednesday we are going to be highlighting an inspirational woman that we admire, and shine the light on their accomplishments, achievements, and character. As passionate feminists, both of us want to utilize our platform to empower other women in any way we can.

Up first this week, is someone who we both adore: Emma Watson.

(image via Emma Watson’s Personal instagram)

Of course, I first loved and admired Emma Watson when she was acting in the Harry Potter movies, but she is so much more than that. Emma started by playing a character that was incredibly feminist, boldly proving that she was just as capable if not more so than many around her. Throughout her playing that character, her own personal character developed into someone who was passionate about knowledge, equality, and the rights of everyone worldwide.

Emma studied post-secondary at Brown University, and became an ambassador for the United Nations as their Women’s Rights Ambassador. She has since then made the news regularly making comments on feminism and equality. She addressed the UN with a speech on equality (see it here)  which has made such a substantial impact on the public.

She brought to light a very important fact: feminism is something that men need to take part in as well. As much as women can rally for our cause, we need men on our side to speak to those who will not listen to us. Emma fiercely embodies what it means to be a feminist, and does not shy away from talking about her opinions.

She also implemented a Feminist Book Club (see it here), encouraging people of all ages to read and to get excited about reading something that matters – she even hid books from her book club around London, in the hopes that they would be found and enjoyed by others! She encourages women to speak up, and took part in the Time’s Up movement which empowers women to stand up for change, and to refuse to settle for less than equal pay and treatment (check out their website here!). She is regularly posting on social media and talking about the movement Time’s Up, and is doing her part to aid women in any way that she can.

Another thing that we admire about Emma is that when she took the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, she refused to wear a corset under her dress. The typical princess figure, is one which has a defined hourglass shape, with a very minuscule waist – as this was how they were initially drawn for the animated movies that a large amount of us have watched growing up. Emma did not want women, especially not young girls, to see her as such an iconic character in a shape that was not her own. She did not want her viewers and fans to think that in order to achieve a princess look they would need to alter their bodies in any way, which is incredibly commendable.

From Hermione to the World Economic Forum, Emma has proven herself time and time again as a fantastic role model, who proves to us that one voice truly can make a difference. She is certainly a Fierce Female! 

Here’s what I think. Feminism is not here to dictate to you. It’s not prescriptive, it’s not dogmatic. All we are here to do is give you a choice.” – Emma Watson