Fierce Female of the Week: Meghan Markle

*Image courtesy of Alexi Lubomirski. WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER

This week’s Fierce Female of the Week is none other than this weekend’s bride-to-be; Meghan Markle! Though she may be marrying royalty, she has been royally fierce entirely on her own long before that!

As Meghan mentioned in this speech, she advocated at age 11 for a commercial to be changed/removed, due to the way she felt about how they were profiling women in their ad. She felt so strongly that it implied women were the only ones who cleaned, and knew it wasn’t right. Age 11 and already a fantastic feminist: a true leader in the making.

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Meghan attended university at Northwestern (which is an accomplishment in and of itself!) and studied international studies, while also volunteering for a number of organizations during this time. On top of that, Meghan went onwards to do an internship (as many post-grads do), except hers happened to be at one of the multiple American Embassies, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which furthered her study and interest in international studies.

Following this, she went on to launch her own website, where she wrote about other women and featured them as well as their accomplishments – similar to what we are doing here! She used her platform to highlight other women in a positive way, and though the site has of course been shut down now, brief remnants can be found here.

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You think that’s all Meghan has done? Nope! In addition to all of this, she worked with the charity One Young World doing various things such as speaking at conferences, where she would travel to multiple cities and countries to speak about topics such as Modern Day Slavery and Gender Equality. She also worked as a World Vision Canada ambassador, where she travelled to India as well as Rwanda. Meghan also utilized her position of fame and skill from her previous studies to work with the UN and advocate for the empowerment of women – a cause very close to her heart.

Although this weekend is understandably focused on the union of Meghan to Harry, we wanted to focus and highlight her as an individual for her own accomplishments and achievements – because she is a fierce feminist that we admire! Her accomplishments stand on their own, and we can’t wait to see what else she will no doubt achieve in the years to come!