The Laptop Shop

Some of you, like myself, may be in the market for a new laptop. Typically I’ve stayed within the PC family computer-wise, but this time around I was comparing some Mac Laptops against my tried and true PCs to see what would be the best computer for me!

First, I decided to test out my husband Kellan’s computer to see if it was something I could get used to. He’s got an Acer Aspire, and it’s less than a year old so it’s in great condition for me to test. He loves it, and plays a ton of high-quality computer games on it, so I know it’s a good computer – but will it meet my needs?

I tested out video playback (great quality), internet browsing (also great), memory (a large amount), and general settings. After playing around on it for a good few days, I noticed that though I had changed the settings to ensure that it did not happen, I was constantly zooming in on the web browser, and the trackpad just seemed to be off. I kept getting frustrated with it, and for some reason the keypad also irritated me, and I found it difficult to type with.

I even tested the trackpad while playing some of the online games that Kellan plays, and we both agreed that it was better to use the cordless mouse that he has instead of the trackpad on the laptop. Though he loves his laptop, I ruled out Acer laptops from my list.

Following the testing of that computer, we took a trip to our local mall to check out their laptop shop as well as the Apple store to see what I liked. These are some of the key things I was looking for:

  • Ease of use
  • Trackpad that wouldn’t require a mouse
  • Simple interface, easy to understand
  • Medium sized keyboard – nothing too large or too small as I’d be doing a lot of typing
  • Lightweight, as I’d love to take it in my purse as well as travel with it
  • Medium amount of data storage
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish or customizable 

I checked some of the following computers, and here is what I thought.

Dell Inspiron – I liked the familiarity of the PC, but I found it a bit heavy to carry around. The screen quality was great, but to me it felt quite similar to Kellan’s computer, and it just wasn’t for me.

HP Pavilion – I’ve had HP computers before, and I liked them, so I was hopeful about this one. I loved the colour, as it has a sort of gold/rose gold keypad and a white casing on the top which was really nice. Again, it felt familiar, and easy to use. It was a bit heavier but I was admittedly willing to look past that due to how cute it looked – what can I say, I like cute things. This one was definitely at the top of my list.

Apple Macbook Pro – I have never owned a Mac laptop and I have a hard time with them because I’m so unfamiliar with their systems. But I was considering getting a Mac, because with the PCs I’ve owned, I’ve had a lot of issues and have purchased 3 in the last 7 years – all of which had major problems and essentially stopped working without warning. I know a lot of people who have Macbook Pros so I wanted to check one out. It was definitely lighter than the PCs but it was still a bit heavy for my liking. It had a lot of storage, which is great, but it was significantly more storage than I would need and, while it had a lot of great features, it was a bit too extravagant for what I’d be using a laptop for.

Apple Macbook Air – This was the one I was most eager to try out. A number of people recommended this computer to me, and this one was easily customizable which was intriguing to me. I did a test in store of the systems, just playing around and trying to get my bearings, and after having tested the Macbook Pro prior to the Air, I was a bit more familiar than I had been 20 minutes before. The system was quite easy to navigate, and what I loved the most was how lightweight it was! It had a lot of memory but not tons; just as much as I would need, as I’d essentially just be using it to store a few pictures, use the internet, and do some writing. I found that it was still a bit confusing to use since it was so new to me, but I liked the way the trackpad worked, the size was optimal, it looked cute, was customizable, the battery lasts a whopping 12 hours unplugged, and it just seemed like the ideal laptop for me.

As someone who was a PC fan for a long time (I even recall debating with a few friends who have Mac’s about how PC was better), I’ve finally switched over to a Mac. I never thought that I would, but after a LOT of practice (and a lot of questions for my Mac friends and for Google…) I’m really loving the Macbook Air. It’s so lightweight, which is huge for me. I also ordered some accessories to customize my computer from Slick Case, and the combo pack came with a hard click-on case for the top, as well as the bottom (it has air vents which is awesome!), a keypad cover (which is great because I’m a bit messy and tend to get crumbs everywhere), and a soft zipper case for travel. Now that I have my computer personalized, it really does feel like I’ve had it for ages. I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

My biggest advice to those looking for a new computer would be, go with what suits your needs. Pc, Mac, it really doesn’t matter. Just find the computer that best fits the bill for what you’re looking for, and go with that. Be sure to test out everything you can, and compare, so that you get the best computer for you!