One Week On The Keto Diet: My Experience

Now that the sun is finally coming out, and shorts, dresses, and rompers are the fashion norms, I’m hyper-aware of the holiday weight I’ve been storing up. Before bathing suit season truly begins, I’ve been trying to get my butt in gear and ready for the summer. Accompanied by exercising more regularly, my husband and I tried the Keto diet.

If you’re not sure what the Keto diet is, here is a short description I pulled from The Keto Dash:  The ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet which puts the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis. When you’re body is in a state of ketosis, the liver produces ketones which become the main energy source for the body. The ketogenic diet is also referred to as keto (key-toe) diet, low carb diet, and low carb high fat (LCHF).

The Keto diet has been all the rage in recent years, and we wanted to see what the hype was about. We only did the diet strictly for one week so I’m not able to comment on any of the long term effects and results, but here is what we learned from our one week on the Keto diet:

The Keto diet is very expensive. Um, ya. My husband and I definitely aren’t made of money, so doing Keto was a major hit to our bank account. We planned out each meal quite meticulously and it was still incredibly hard to stay on budget. Because the diet relies heavily on protein and healthy fats, most of our shopping list was cheese, avocados, eggs, and meat (for Jake!) These items can add up quickly. So bear the cost in mind before considering the Keto diet.

The Keto diet is incredibly hard to maintain as a vegetarian. This was my biggest struggle on the diet. There just aren’t a lot of options for a vegetarian, and even less if you’re vegan. By day three I was sick to death of eggs. I could barely convince myself to eat them. If you’re a vegetarian considering Keto, make sure to look into creative recipes before you start the diet. And definitely talk to your doctor to make sure you’ll be getting all the necessary nutrients as it’s already hard enough as a vegetarian.

The Keto flu is REAL. Like soooooo real. The first three days I felt like I was in a dream sequence. Everything felt fuzzy and my eyelids felt heavier than usual. I actually had a coworker ask me if I was okay, and said that I seemed really out of it. If it’s possible for you, I’d recommend taking the first couple days of Keto off work, or plan to start on a weekend.

After a few days, you’ll stop craving those sugary and carb-filled vices. This came as a total shock to me. I missed chocolate, yes, but I didn’t feel like I NEEDED it to get through the day. And I actually haven’t eaten bread since doing Keto, as I just stopped caring about it after a couple of days. For the first few days, I definitely dreamed of pizza pockets and iced capps, but that soon passed. I would definitely recommend using the Keto diet as a way to reset and kick those terrible cravings to the curb!

You feel lighter. About three days into the diet, I noticed a major difference in how my stomach/abdomen felt. Usually my stomach feels quite dense and full but after carbs (especially bread) were out of my system, I began to feel lighter and less dense. It felt that my body was less of a burden and more of an asset – like my body and mind were a team rather than opponents. (Deep, I know).

Overall, the Keto diet went better than expected! Though I don’t think I’d be able to handle it on a long term basis, it definitely helped me think more about what I’m putting into my body and make healthier decisions. If you’re disciplined and looking for a new diet to try out, you may enjoy Keto! But it personally wasn’t for me. I hope this article was helpful for all those grinding for beach season – comment below with your summer diet tips!


*Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash