The Tall Girl Shopping Guide

Earlier this week, Justine blogged a shopping guide for all the amazing short girls out there. I love that she got to share her knowledge as she’s such a fashionista! Unfortunately I sooooo couldn’t relate to the post as I am far from short. At 5’8’’ I’m not unreasonably tall for a woman, but I certainly tower over most of my friends (especially when I pop on a pair of heels). The only person in my life that’s taller than me is my husband! If you’re my height or taller, I’m sure you feel my shopping pain. Sometimes it feels like the fashion world was built for 5’5’’ women – but there is hope for us tall babes!

I will start with saying that Justine’s tip to measure yourself before hitting the shops is insanely helpful. Knowing your size to a tee will help a lot – especially if you’re guilty of the occasional online shopping spree (I definitely am).

My biggest fashion tip for my tall ladies is to size up and make tailors your best friend. I know – it doesn’t feel good to purchase a bigger size but, trust me, it will make all the difference. You can always have things hemmed shorter and taken in but you can very rarely add length/width. When purchasing dresses, the sizes that fit me everywhere else tend to be a little too revealing in the thigh/booty area. Usually if I find a dress I love, I’ll buy a size up to add length and have a tailor take it in at the waist.

My second tip is to place a trial order before a big shop from an online store you haven’t bought from before. If you don’t know how a store’s sizes run, you could find yourself paying a lot to have items shipped back. My recommendation is to always start by purchasing one item to see how it fits – especially in length. Try to wait until the store you’re eyeing has a free shipping sale. (These happen frequently with most online shops).

Thirdly, shop ‘tall’ in-store and on websites like ASOS and Topshop. These sections are specifically made for us tall women, and the proportions are way better suited for our bodies. (I’m sick of buying long sleeve shirts that end up being ¾ length on me). But make sure you have measured yourself before purchasing anything, as ASOS And Topshop items are generally listed in UK sizing.


Avoid discount websites like SheIn and Romwe unless an item has been specifically recommended by a friend. These stores are based out of Asia and the women there are usually quite petite. I’ve made the mistake of ordering mini dresses that end up as shirts on me. If you are going to order from these sites, stick to items you’ve seen on other people or had the opportunity to try on yourself. My favourite top/shorts set is from Romwe but Justine had the same set so I was able to try it on before ordering my own.

Always always always pay attention to wash instructions. I’ve seen many an outfit go to waste from shrinking in the wash (which is great for my short pals because – free clothes!) However, it’s always frustrating when the outfit that fits *just right* shrinks. To avoid this, air dry your items and pay very close attention to the instructions on the tag.

Finally, invest in ‘lifetime’ items. Realistically, your height isn’t going to be changing so don’t be afraid to spend the extra cash on pieces that are going to last for years to come. Items like moto and denim jackets, work trousers, little black dresses, and classic tees aren’t ever going out of style so don’t be afraid to invest in pieces that are well made and fit you perfectly.

You should spend time finding ‘Your Stores’. There are definitely select stores that are more tailored to a tall woman – my go-to has always been Dynamite. Their pants are (almost) always long enough for me and their style is professional so it’s perfect for work. But make sure to try things on regardless, as I learned that their jogger style trousers run shorter than their other pants.

Here are some of my favourite stores to shop at as a tall babe:

Dynamite. As I said above, Dynamite is my go-to store. All of my jumpsuits and many of my dresses are from here. Right now they have this jumpsuit and this dress, suited for all my Amazonian ladies!

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Zara. Considering 6’2’’ Karlie Kloss has frequently been spotted wearing pieces from Zara, it’s safe to say that tall girls can shop here. I just bought this beautiful dress that I’m wearing in the feature image, bought a size up and had it tailored in to fit my shoulders and waist. It’s definitely my favourite dress this summer!

Topshop ‘tall’ section. As I mentioned, tall sections are your friend. Topshop jeans are the only jeans I’ve been able to find that are long enough for me. This pair and this pair are my current favourites.

ASOS ‘tall’ section. ASOS is always switching out items so there’s always something new on their store! You also almost never have to worry about having the same piece as someone else as there is so much to choose from.

Old Navy. Their clothes are usually made more conservatively as they are geared towards moms and families. This is a tall girl’s safe haven as there is no risk of shorts/dresses showing off the goods. Some of the pieces I’m loving these season are this dress, this dress and these adorable shorts!
There are many other shops that I’m sure will have something for all my tall babes. Just make sure you’re doing your research and finding the pieces that you love and make you feel your best. Trends aren’t everything so shop for what makes you feel like the goddess that you are! Happy shopping!