Backyard Movie Night

This past weekend was the Canada Day long weekend, and it felt like the perfect time to finally have some girl friends over for a movie night! Since it’s something I’ve been itching to do for a few months, I went all out with the snacks and decor. If you watched our Instagram story (@library.ofmylife) from last Friday then you already got a peak into the behind the scenes of the night. If you didn’t, then don’t fret! In this post I’ll break down everything I did to make the night a whopping success.

First and most importantly, I set up our homemade screen. I had a set of photography backdrop stands tucked away in my home office and they proved to be the perfect support for our screen. But if you can’t get your hands on these types of stands, you can also create your own using PVC pipe or even simply secure your screen to an outside wall of your home/garage/shed. For the screen, I had leftover drape from my wedding background (we used three panels of this one in white) and it was opaque enough to project the movie onto. My best friend has a projector with sound that she purchased from Amazon (her model is no longer available but here is a great alternative) so we used that to play the movie.


After setting up the screen, I moved on to sustenance! I felt like a popcorn bar would be the perfect treat for a movie night. I bought a massive bag of movie theatre style popcorn from Dollarama for $3, some cute disposable popcorn containers, and a few different types of candy/seasoning. It was so easy, and my friends loved it!




I also wanted to have a little bonfire going to really set the movie night vibe. And of course, with every great bonfire comes s’mores! Justine lent me a display stand before heading off to London, so I used that to set out all the ingredients, and my friends were able to easily grab what they wanted throughout the evening.


And no good backyard bash is complete without cold beverages! I made the easiest three-ingredient sangria (2L of Sprite, one bottle of wine and a can of frozen lemonade) and my friend Ashley filled a drink cooler with water, Perrier and Palm Bay. Since it was a scorching hot evening, it was lovely to have an icy drink on hand for the duration of the event.


Once everything was all set up, my girl friends arrived, and the sun set, we watched Shrek under the stars! It was the perfect evening with friends and I can’t wait to do it again this summer.

Have you ever had a backyard movie night? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments!