Little Home Details

Welcome to our little home! I’ve gotten lots of questions/comments from friends and readers about how I’ve decorated our home on a budget, while still maintaining that personal vibe. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to bring you a post chock-full of home details and a few product recommendations to help make your house a home.


Our bedroom is my absolute favourite room in the house. It gets the most amazing morning light and there’s nothing I love more than slowly being lulled awake by the sunshine on a lazy morning.

I am absolutely obsessed with the macrame wall hanging above our bed. It makes what would be a very cold, ultra-modern, hotel-looking room feel like it’s truly ours. This piece was created by the lovely Natalie Ranae for her book ‘Macrame At Home‘ and she graciously gave it to Jake and I as a wedding gift. Check out her shop if you’re interested in a handmade piece of your own!

Our bed is from Structube (and now out of stock – see a similar one here), our lamps are from Walmart (if you can believe it?! The ones we have are out of stock, but here‘s a similar version) and our little shelves are from Urban Outfitters.

The gorgeous handmade print beside our closet is by Jessica Rae Designs. It’s such a unique piece that I feel really warms up our space!


Jake’s music room is another great space and I know it’s his favourite room to hang in and get some creative thinking done. I love the pops of colour his band merch provides, and that the room is still trendy and aesthetically pleasing without losing his personality.


I love my home office. So much. As a creative professional, I’m often hulled up in there editing photos or writing blog posts. I wanted to make it my own but still keep the professional aspects of it in case I have clients coming by.

My blue chair and fuzzy cover are both from Homesense (which I’m absolutely addicted to). The throw pillow is from Urban Planet (it is now out of stock but they have lots of other cute options here).

My decorative ladder was handmade by Josie Adams and her husband Nick. If you live in the GTA, you can purchase your own here!


*Sigh* our living room area is so dreamy. I am over-the-moon that I could transform such a small space into something so special. Our home is very modern, but I used the living room space to pull in some more rustic features.

Every item in this space is secondhand (something I’m very proud of). Our couch was purchased from a seller on Kijiji for a wopping $350. If you need furniture on a budget, don’t be afraid to try Kijiji or something of the like (i.e., Varage Sale, Craigslist etc.). You never know what you can find! In fact, our television was purchased from Varage Sale for only $80!

Our nesting coffee tables are originally from Ikea but we were able to purchase them from a friend for a fraction of the price.

My favourite piece of furniture in our whole house is our beautiful entertainment unit/dresser. It has a few scuffs on it that I’m sure we could buff out but is otherwise in amazing shape and completes the look of our living room area. It looks like the mid-century-modern pieces that are all the rage right now, but it’s actually a vintage piece from the mid-century! We were able to pick this piece up for free from someone in our community who posted it on a ‘Care and Share’ Facebook page.


And last but not least on this list of home details – our dining space! Our dining table is right next to our living room space as we live in such a tiny home, but we have managed to keep the spaces separate.

I love our quirky mismatched dining set loads! Our table was given to us by a family friend who were redoing their cottage, and our chairs were purchased from Structube.

There’s no fixed lighting in this part of our house, so we had to improvise! I bought two cord lights from Amazon, added Edison bulbs and then used a shelving bracket to hang them up. Paired with some framed wedding photos, I’ve been digging the simple but rustic look this lighting solution brings to the space!

Our little feature wall is a pride and joy of mine. The cute industrial-looking shelves were gifted to us from our good friend/neighbour, who made them himself. The gold framed flowers are pieces from my wedding bouquet that I dried out so I could keep them forever. The letter board was purchased from Amazon (don’t mind the current message, we’re in the process of adopting a greyhound – stay tuned for a post about the journey in a few weeks). The floral wreath was purchased from our local flower shop, but created by the girls at For My Wild (previously Coral Wreath Designs). And finally, our Dennett Family sign was a handmade gift from my good friend for our wedding, and I love it so much.

I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse into our little home and seeing some of my favourite details! What are your favourite pieces in your own home?!