Nespresso Tips & Tricks

There is nothing I love more in the morning than a cup of coffee. I’d like to say I’m not particular about what coffee I like to drink, but that would be a lie – I am SO particular. I do not like drip coffee, as I find it a bit too acidic, so I only drink espresso-based drinks, and there is a specific way that I like the milk I put in it to be. What can I say, I know what I like.

As I mentioned in this post, for me, having a Nespresso machine feels like home. There is no better way to wake myself up in the morning than with a cup of Nespresso. Within less than a month of moving from Toronto to London, England, I purchased a new Nespresso machine for our flat. Before I go on to explain all of the fun ways I mix it up with my morning (or afternoon – or evening, if I’m being real) cuppa, I want to take a moment to highlight what I love about Nespresso.

This is not a sponsored post, I honestly just adore Nespresso. One really great thing that I love about them, is that they provide special bags to compost and recycle their pods, which can be returned in-store or you can put a sticker they provide onto it and have it picked up from your home. How easy is that! They are focused on sustainability, and repurpose the materials that are recycled, which makes me feel so much better about the disposable pods that I’m using, knowing that they aren’t just going to be another item added to the pile at the garbage dump, or ending up polluting our oceans with so many other disposable items we throw away. Nespresso also teaches new skills to female agronomists, in order to better jump over the hurdles of gender that had been facing them, and partners with them in growing better and more sustainable coffee beans, among other things. They also are firmly AGAINST the gender pay gap, and have written this formal paper on ensuring that it will not exisit within their company, as well as have taken a firm stance against modern slavery and human trafficking, which can so often be hidden within large companies who partner with small countries for cheap labour. 

Nespresso products typically have to be purchased from Nespresso Boutiques, or via their online shop or app, however if you keep an eye out, often older versions of their machines will be in places like TJX, Homesense, Hudson’s Bay, and Home Outfitters for a reasonable price. As well, keep an eye out for sales – I got mine for around £89 when they were having an in-store sale – or dependant on your budget, they have a monthly subscription system in the UK that you can use to pay off your machine, so if budget it is issue for you, you can still enjoy a lovely cuppa!

Now, onto the best part – the best ways to drink it! Of course, there is the classic black espresso – unaltered and bold, flavourful and robust. However I will be talking about some other ways to enjoy your Nespresso!

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My go-to option is a classic iced coffee. I tend to do 2 shots (pods) of espresso, then put it into a large tumbler, cover in 5-7 large cubes of ice, and then I follow it with my SECRET INGREDIENT – dark chocolate almond milk. I adore it, and depending on your preference you can use chocolate coconut milk, chocolate oat milk, or chocolate cow’s milk if you prefer. This just adds a little something extra to the standard iced coffee, and the dark chocolate usually has less sugar than other types of chocolate milk, as well as a bolder flavour that pairs well with a darker roast (which typically is my preference). It’s also a great alternative to sugary syrups, with the added nutrients that are typically added into non-dairy milk. Once I’ve poured over as much of the milk as I’d like (usually ⅔ of the tumbler full), I give it a bit of a stir (or light shake), and it’s good to go! Easy for summer working mornings, and takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare!

Flavour combinations are one of my favourite things to concoct and experiment with, and for some more interesting and different cups of coffee, it’s a great idea to mix it up with different flavours of espresso, and not just the standard darker roast that I typically enjoy day-to-day.

One of the combinations I really quite enjoy is the Caramelito pod with hazelnut milk! As before, I tend to do two shots of espresso – or run through the same pod twice if I want a bit more coffee but not as much caffeine – and set it aside in a glass cup or mug. I will then either heat up and froth the hazelnut milk in my frother, or heat the milk in the microwave and use a handheld no-heat frother to give the hazelnut milk some warmth and texture. I’m no barista, so there’s no latte art that ends up in my cup, but I will then pour the milk into the cup with the espresso, and give it a light stir until it is nice and frothy. It’s a nice change up, as the hazelnut milk gives it a rich and nutty flavour (similar to Nutella but without the chocolate) and the caramel notes in the Caramelito pod really highlight that!

Another great combination is the Vanilio pod, mixed with dark chocolate almond milk – either iced, or hot. The vanilla and chocolate mix so well together, it’s a nice sweet treat without the extra sugar of a coffee syrup!


For a truly Nutella-style coffee, I will do two of the Ciocattino espresso flavoured pods, and mix it with hazelnut milk, either iced or hot, for the perfect cup of coffee that tastes like Nutella.

Another favourite trick of mine, is to make two cups of coffee with two pods each (the seasonal Summer Iced Coffee line is perfect for this), and mix that with my preferred milk, and then pour it into popsicle trays! This gives me the perfect caffeinated treat for a hot day when I’m too hot and tired to actually make myself an iced coffee! I also will pour just straight espresso into ice cube trays to freeze, and then use it as ice in a glass of my preferred non-dairy milk to keep my drink cold while adding that little zing of caffeine.

These are currently my favourite ways to use my Nespresso – but there are SO many different things you can do with it! It really is worth the investment. I don’t think there will come a time when I do not have a Nespresso machine, it really is the perfect cup of coffee!

Happy caffeinating!