Fierce Female of the Week: Summer Roberts

Welcome back to another Fierce Female of the Week! This week we’re throwing it way back to the days in Newport beach – with one of our favourite characters from The O.C. So, California here we come – this week’s badass babe is none other than Summer Roberts.

Summer was originally set to only appear in the show a couple of times but being a crowd-favourite, the writers kept her on as a regular. I’m so glad they did as, in my opinion, Summer is the show’s most well-rounded character (followed extremely closely by Sandy Cohen).

Summer started the series as the typical ‘Newport Barbie’. She was ditzy and shallow, spoiled by her super-rich plastic surgeon father. But as the series progressed, it was clear that Summer did too. By the time the series came to a close, she had undergone a major transformation; caring about environmental issues, putting her friends and loved ones first, and even being accepted into Brown University (one of the world’s top Ivy League schools). In the show’s final season, Summer became a powerful advocate for environmental change. She attended protests and helped free animals used for lab testing. Eventually, she was offered a job at GEORGE (Global Environmental Organisation Regarding Greenhouse Emissions) and travelled the country speaking to high school students about environmental issues, as well as appearing in prestigious newspapers as an environmental writer. Quite a shift from the beginning of the series if you ask me.

One of my favourite qualities about Summer is that she is never afraid to stand up for herself and her friends. She is a feisty and strong character, filled to the brim with quick whips and one-liners but also an incredibly loyal friend. Throughout the series, we see Summer acting as an amazing best friend and confidant to the show’s other female characters (namely Marissa Cooper – played by Mischa Barton). She is loving and accepting, but also knows when to give the tough love. There are countless examples of when she is stern with her friends in order to help them live their best lives.

Beyond that, she knows when her friends aren’t acting like themselves and isn’t afraid to confront them on their behaviour. The biggest example of this would be in the show’s second season, when Trey Atwood (leading character Ryan Atwood’s older brother) tried to force himself on Marissa and she fought him off, leaving bruises all over her neck and chest, as well as a jumpy demeanor and strange behaviour towards Ryan. Summer let Marissa’s behaviour go for a couple of days – chalking it up to a bad week- but when it didn’t change, she lovingly pressed her on the issue until Marissa confided in her about what happened. Summer knew there was something going on and wanted to make sure that Marissa was okay and that she knew she was loved.

So there you have it! From Newport Barbie to Environmental Activist and everything in between – Summer Roberts was The O.C’s force to be reckoned with. And that’s what makes her this week’s Fierce Female.