A Weekend at The ‘reputation’ Stadium Tour

Ask anyone in my life and it will come as no surprise to them that I love Taylor Swift. She has been my favourite artist since I was 12 years old and I’ve seen her in concert seven times now. Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend two nights of The ‘reputation’ Stadium Tour at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. I thought I would share with you guys what the weekend was like, and some tips about how to have the best TSwift experience you can have!

First thing’s first – tickets. Originally, I was only planning on attending one night of the show because of the price of tickets. My girl Taylor is not a cheap artist to see live. My friend and I were given a pre-sale code so we were able to go on Ticketmaster and purchase tickets a few days before they went live to the general public. If it’s a can’t-miss concert for you, I would highly recommend signing up for the pre-sale. It doesn’t cost anything, and the artist should have instructions on their website about how to get on that mailing list. I’m so glad that we were on the list because the pre-sale tickets were also a little bit cheaper than the general sale tickets (at least at first – I’ll explain more below). We were also able to pick our seats without rushing to check out before the tickets sold out.

As months went on and the concert approached, I decided I wanted to take Jake to the show as well as he had never seen Taylor live before, and has been a fan for years. I was nervous that tickets would begin selling out as the concert was only a couple months away, so I jumped on Ticketmaster and bought the cheapest tickets I could find – meaning we would be sitting in the nosebleeds (the 500s section). However, I checked back in a couple of weeks before the concert and saw that ticket prices had dropped and now tickets in the 200s section were the same price I paid for our tickets in the 500s. I checked back a few more times and noticed that ticket prices were fluctuating a lot. I’m not sure if this is specific to Taylor Swift or if this happens with all artists, but make sure to check a few times before purchasing your ticket so you can get the best price.

Next up – costumes. Now, any die-hard ‘Swiftie’ will tell you that you have to dress up for a Taylor Swift concert. Going to one of her concerts is like going to a very niche version of Comic Con. Everyone there is dressed in the craziest outfits – making costumes based on song lyrics or replicating something Taylor has worn in a music video or at an award show. Some people even come dressed as her cats. I knew that I would need a bomb costume. So after giving it a ton of thought, I decided to replicate Taylor’s ‘snake queen’ outfit from her Look What You Made Me Do music video. I bought a long red dress, some snake themed jewellery, and pulled a few similar accessories from my closet. On the night of the concert, I slicked my hair down like Taylor did, and wore a classic red lip. The costume was a hit! So many people came and told me how much they loved it, and some even asked for a photo with me. (I did dress up for both nights but I didn’t want to scare Jake, so I wore something more subtle to the show with him).


Both nights that I attended, I was sure to arrive at the venue a little while before doors opened at 5pm. There are a few reasons for this: there is an entire ‘Swiftie’ community and this is a good chance to meet other fans, it’s a great opportunity to buy merch before lines get crazy and what you wants sells out and, most importantly, this is the time that Taylor’s team selects fans for ‘meet and greets’. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to meet Taylor on either night, but I did meet some awesome people and had fun taking in everyone else’s costumes.

Fast forward a few hours and the show began with Charlie XCX and then Camilla Cabello. Both ladies played amazing sets and were great at getting the crowd hyped up for Taylor’s performance. After some dancing between sets, Taylor came on stage with an amazing opening performance of ‘…Ready For It?’ Both nights I had the best time jamming out to all of the fun songs from ‘reputation’.

On the second night, my friend Ashley and I had floor tickets so we were able to see the show up close and personal. It was such an amazing experience and we had so much fun! The best part of the night was when Taylor walked between stages and shook hands, hugged and said hello to fans. Ashley and I were able to get amazing spots at the barrier and both of us got to shake Taylor’s hand! Now, this was not an easy feat. We did have to make some sacrifices in order to get a great spot.


Because we are both major fans, we knew the setlist and knew when Taylor would be making her trip between stages. We went to the barrier five songs before she walked. This meant we didn’t have a very good view of End Game, King Of My Heart and Delicate. It also meant that we were preoccupied with getting to the barrier during End Game and weren’t really able to sing along and enjoy it. However, because both of us saw the show the night before, we were okay with making this sacrifice in order to potentially be greeted by Taylor herself. It was totally worth it and we’re so happy we went to the barrier when we did!

After her performances on the B stages, we made our way back to our seats and it was just in the knick of time! After Taylor finished performing Bad Blood / Should’ve Said No, to our surprise she brought out Bryan Adams and they sang Summer of ‘69 together! It was absolutely incredible to experience.

2018-08-05 01:41:12.441

After a few more songs, she wrapped up the show with Call It What You Want and then This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Confetti cannons sprayed confetti that looked like little newspapers that said ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘reputation’ all over them. It was so awesome to see the detail she put into something as small as confetti. Ashley and I both took some home, and Ashley even paper-mached hers into a picture frame to commemorate the night!

2018-08-05 01:41:07.112

I had the most amazing experience both nights! It was so cool seeing the perspective from the very back of the stadium AND from the very front. Taylor made the show so cool for people at every vantage point. The ‘reputation’ Stadium Tour was absolutely spectacular and, if you have the chance, I would definitely recommend buying tickets and seeing the show at least once!