Fierce Female of the Week: Estée Lalonde

For today’s Fierce Female, we’re going to be celebrating another Canadian blogger that we love. Estée Lalonde is a boss lady who is independent, real and raw, with an amazing ability to captivate her audience. Estée grew up just outside of Toronto in Waterloo Ontario, and moved to London England when she was just 19. Since then, she has been taking the Beauty & Lifestyle industry by storm.

I’ve been personally following Estée’s YouTube channel and blog for about four years, and one thing that I really love about her is how open she is about her mental health. In this ‘world’ – especially spending so much time online – it’s easy to think everyone has it all together except you. Estée is such a breath of fresh air as she never shies away from talking about her battle with anxiety and depression. She shares tips with her followers on how to deal with bad days and how to celebrate the good.

Estée is an awesome advocate for women’s rights. On her podcast ‘The Heart Of It’, as well in multiple videos and social media posts, Estée has talked about what feminism means to her. She is always cheering other women on and celebrating their successes. She has also attended multiple Women’s Marches in London.

She is also an advocate for animal rights. After having adopted her adorable retired racing greyhound Reggie, Estée partnered with the Wild At Heart Foundation in an effort to help reduce the world’s population of stray, unhomed dogs. They created a gorgeous sweatshirt made of fair trade, recycled materials (complete with Reggie’s face on it!) with every penny going towards the foundation’s efforts. The sweater is still available, and if you’re interested in buying your own, check it out here!

Estée inspires me as she reminds me that you don’t have to have it all figured out by the time you go off to post-secondary school. Her journey resonates with me so much. Having tried two vastly different programs at two vastly universities, Estée said herself that she felt like a lost soul. It wasn’t until moving to England, not having much to do, and spending time watching other YouTubers talk about beauty and fashion, that she realized it was something she could do for fun on the weekends. Her channel and blog grew exponentially, and she has since written a book entitled ‘Bloom’ all about her life (buy it here). A completely unorthodox career path led her to the place she belongs.

It’s clear that Estée isn’t even close to being done, and I’m excited to see where the future takes her!


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