Preparing Your Closet for Fall and Winter

As summer takes its last breath of the year and the leaves begin to change colours, it signifies that it’s time to prepare my closet for fall and winter. During the transition of summer to autumn, I always do a massive cleanout of my closet, and admittedly do a bit of pre-season shopping to be sure I am totally prepared for what the changing weather will bring!

Some of my very favourite items in my closet for the F/W (fall and winter) season are coats! Coats are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit, and they can make or break your look (and your level of warmth). As I mentioned in this post, having at least one extra warm coat is absolutely necessary, especially for those of us in climates that can change rapidly and reach drastic temperatures on either end of the spectrum. In my post I mentioned that I got this coat on sale from ASOS, which was a great find (still available and on sale right now)! In Canada, it’s absolutely necessary to have a coat that will keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures, and I was in need of a new one. This coat was a great purchase for the colder winter months, and I bought it at the end of the summer when it was on clearance. The best time to buy budget-friendly coats is typically pre-season (1-2 months before new season items are out) or post-season (1-2 months after the season is over), however sales do pop up here and there, and if you are looking for a specific type of coat, the most selection will pop up at the very beginning of the season – though keep in mind these are not always the most budget friendly items.

For the fall months, having a raincoat (especially in London) that has some warmth to it is essential as it is quite rainy, and can get quite cool. Some coats I love for the fall season are this, this, and this. A nicer coat for work is also something that I like to have, since my previous and current job are both a bit more formal. I tend to gravitate towards coats like this, or like this which provide decent warmth, but look chic for work. As I mentioned before, a trenchcoat like this or this is also a fantastic addition to any closet, since it can work for more formal and more casual situations, and it also keeps the rain off, which is fab!

Boots are another key thing that I love to have for the F/W season. Typically I have my super warm boots for the height of winter (I have an older pair that have lasted me two winters thus far, see a similar pair here), boots that are for when it is cold but not wet (these are the ones I’ve been eyeing this season, since they are not made with real leather or sheepskin), heeled tall boots (like this and this), and various booties like this, this, and this. Heeled booties that are waterproof are an absolute essential in London! Shoes are my second favourite accessory, and typically I do not need to buy many new boots since I keep mine for a long time thanks to my capsule closet, but this year I had to get rid of a lot of my shoes before moving to London, since we did not ship anything and only came over with our suitcases! The one pair of boots that I do still have with me (other than my warm boots which are home with my parents until I return) are these fabulous duck boots. For mid-season travels I highly recommend them! I wore these in Scotland when it was raining nonstop and they proved to be both dry and warm! Ideally, I like to have heeled boots when possible because it prevents the entire foot from getting wet if it rains (looking at you, London) and I am also more comfortable in heeled shoes thanks to my high arch. For those who are not heel-lovers, a great duck boot or pair of rubber boots are an absolute must for the rainy season!

Top Tip: I always buy my boots and booties ½ size to a full size larger than I need so that I can wear socks underneath to keep my feet warm!

Trousers, pants, jeans, leggings – it’s the season to cover those legs and keep ‘em warm! I adore wearing dress pants, and dependant on your job/style they can be a fantastic addition to your F/W closet! I mentioned before that I love these harper pants, but there are some other fun styles out there that I love this season, like these, these, and these which are all on sale right now! I’ve also been updating my denim collection, and some of the ones that I’ve been looking at are these, these, and these! Let’s not forget leggings, because for those of us who love wearing leggings as pants (if you don’t that’s your call – no judgement here) it’s prime time to take a look for holes and general wear and tear in our leggings to see which can be kept and which can go. Don’t forget to keep a pair (or two, or three) of comfy sweatpants or pyjama pants around for lounging indoors when the weather is cold, they’re the perfect warm hug for your legs when it’s chilly out.

Time to talk tops! I always have a range of blouses on hand due to my job, but adding some cardigans like this one or warmer tops like this or this are really beneficial for this weather! The key is to layer, since you can always take off a layer if you’re too warm, but there isn’t much you can do to warm up if you don’t have a sweater. One of the other things that I love for the colder weather is fuzzy sweaters. I love this one in both colours, and it is so useful for cold weather and cozy days indoors. Another option for more formal jobs, is to layer a chic blazer like this one over top of a blouse or t-shirt to complete your look! London has been brimming with blazers, and one of my favourite trends – tweed! Tweed is completely on-trend right now (was it ever not?) and I am loving all of the tweed/checked co-ord sets that are out right now, like this one, this one, and this one. Very Cher Horowitz from Clueless – I know, isn’t it fab?

If you’re not a pants kinda person (I feel you) there are so many chic F/W dresses and skirts that are perfect to pair with a blouse, blazer, coat, and cute shoes. I’d highly recommend stocking up on stockings (ha) to keep those legs warm, unless you’re going au natural with your leg hair, which will definitely keep you just as warm (no jokes here, you do you – down with the patriarchal expectation of shaved legs)! Some of the F/W dresses I am loving are this one, this one, and this one, and some skirts can be found here, here, and here!

Overall, the key to F/W fashion is warmth, but keep it stylish. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other! Need to cover your ears with a hat? Try a beanie or a beret or a cute headband! Have to wear a scarf? Go with a large tartan scarf or knitted circle scarf! Don’t want your feet to freeze? Wear cute tall boots with tall socks which will not be visible under your boots but will keep you warm! You don’t need to wear sweatpants and a hoodie to work to stay warm and dry in the cold weather, you can find cute alternatives that will keep you just as warm, but help you feel stylish! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of these links for ideas on how to look and feel your best this F/W season!

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