Life Update

Well hello there, welcome back to the blog! It’s been a while since we’ve put up some posts, we know, but it has been a crazy and hectic season for both Megan and I, and we really needed a bit of a break! While Megan got herself a new job she loves (YAY), she also needed to have surgery (BOO) to have her tonsils removed, and is taking big steps in the recovery process. She celebrated her one year wedding anniversary in October, her 25th birthday in November, and is now working hard on that daily grind to establish herself in her career – you go girl!

As for me, well, since moving back to Toronto I have been crazy busy! I pre-screened and applied for multiple jobs before leaving London, in order to have 4 interviews scheduled for the morning after we landed (I know, how type A of me), and then went through various other interviews and meetings to determine which job opportunity was the best fit for me (if you’re curious as to how I landed a job so quickly, check out this post). After some serious deliberation, I chose to move forward with a recruitment firm I really liked, that is right in the heart of the financial district. It’s now been a couple of months that I have been under their employ, and I am really enjoying it! Of course, nothing beats exploring The Royal Parks in London and calling it your job, but I love this position nonetheless!

Another huge step we took, was renting a condo right downtown! While in London, Kellan and I wanted to keep to a tight budget so that we could travel and spend our money on exploring and other activities, and so during that time we actually were only renting out a single bedroom in someone else’s home – aka a flat share. While it was great for our budget, it meant that as a couple we were constantly living with other people since we had gotten married, and it was about time we finally had a place of our own! We were lucky enough to enlist Kellan’s lovely uncle to help us find a place, and I can’t wait to share some decor updates as we work on making the condo feel like home.

Around Christmas time, we also had another huge life change; we adopted a cat! Everyone says that having a pet around makes life much more joyful, and those people are absolutely right! We used to find local cat rescue organizations, and eventually settled on the sweetest little cat named Zoe. She had a bit of a rough life, having been rescued from a high-kill shelter in Quebec when she was 1 year old, and had already had kittens! She was then fostered until her kittens were weaned and adopted, and she became socialized with other animals at the foster home. She was then adopted by another family, who decided after one year that they did not want a cat and returned her. For having such a crazy first couple of years (she’s now 3 years old) she is just the sweetest, most mild-mannered, quietest, and gentlest little cat. We love her so much!

Coming up in a few days will be my 1 year wedding anniversary (what??!?!) which is so crazy – this year has gone by so quickly! I was so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work and live in London for almost a year, and it was the perfect working honeymoon for Kellan and I. We are so happy to have had the time to travel and explore together, and looking back at the past year I cannot believe how incredibly blessed we have been. With such a busy and exciting first year of marriage, I think it sets the tone nicely for the rest of our lives, and I am so excited to see what adventures and opportunities come our way in the next year! I have a feeling that this will be the best year yet!

Stay tuned for more updates, fun posts, and helpful articles coming your way soon! Megan and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things – and we want to hear from you! Comment on our most recent Instagram post to let us know what types of things you’d like to see from us this year!

Xoxo J