6 Influencers You Should Follow

As someone who loves all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, there are a number of “influencers” that I follow on social media. That being said, I am incredibly selective as to who I follow. I definitely understand that some people will promote absolutely anything that pays well (totally fair), however I tend to follow people who have a very specific type of media feed; I prefer following those who share some of the real and raw moments behind the scenes that show they are a real and imperfect person, while also sharing great buys and giving great real life tips on things they have experienced/are experiencing! These wonderful women are the top 6 “influencers” that I follow, and have been following for years. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their feeds or blogs before, definitely check them out below!


Julia – Gal Meets Glam (Instagram / Blog)
Julia is probably one of my favourite people to follow. She has been working on her blog for years and years, and invested in her own line of dresses which have been successfully selling out for the past year or so! She loves pink (same), and her bright and girly fashion choices make her stand out in the crowd. She has taken dresses to a whole new level, and while her dresses can be more investment pieces than budget finds, it makes absolute sense for a business which has a limited number of products that are being released each month. One of the many things I admire about her is that she built her business from the ground up; just her and her husband Thomas. The two of them work together and utilize each others strengths to best serve their business and their marriage – not to mention have fun while they do it! For me, being someone who leans to the pink side for 99% of my life and fashion choices, I love that she unashamedly brings a lovely pink burst of colour to anything and everything, and always looks as though she is so genuinely filled with joy. Her aesthetic, work ethic, style, bubbly personality, and warm heart are just some of the reasons that I will continue to follow her as long as she chooses to be in the public eye!


Rosie – The Londoner (Instagram / Blog)
Rosie is the epitome of London goals. I found her Instagram through Julia (above, who is one of her best friends) before I moved to London last year, and I am SO glad that I did! She has a truly classic style, and is incredibly real. She posts some of the best food you’ll see on a non-foodie blog, and I am always hungry after watching her food stories! Rosie showcases some of the amazing things to see and do in London, and has great tips on places to shop with a moderate budget. Her adorable dog, Mr Custard, is featured daily, and soon she will have a little baby to join her family. Her behind-the-scenes stories always remind me of myself and my friends, and I love how honest and real she is with everything she posts. In her blog, she is very vulnerable about things going on in her life, and is intentionally keeping certain aspects of her life private, which I deeply admire. She is a fun and bubbly person, who brings spunk into all of her posts, keeping you laughing and relating with her until the very last word. She has some great tutorials for anyone with thicker hair, and her natural beauty and effortless style has got me screen-shotting all of her fashion pictures for inspo!


Destiny – Truly Destiny (Instagram / Blog)
Destiny is a truly sweet mom of 2 (soon to be 3), who has phenomenal style and fantastic tips for any gal looking to score a great deal! She posts all of her fashion finds from sweats to couture, and links them for you on Liketoknowit. I love that she showcases more budget pieces, because while I love all the clothes that some others post – there is no way that they would be in my budget right now. Destiny shows the cutest casual wear for the gal on a budget, and documents her day to day mom life with great hacks and tips. Her and her husband Sid are the sweetest couple, and their kids are absolutely adorable. I also love how she promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, and is so connected with her followers! She always answers their questions, responds to comments, and even sends out a newsletter for people to stay up to date and see any new information. Her hair in particular has been a major source of inspo for me, a fellow blonde, who also loves having long hair and uses hair extensions to make it happen. She is effortlessly chic, and her casual day to day outfits are always something I take a screen shot of to look back at later for outfit inspo – especially since she is quite petite like me, which helps me determine places I can shop for my stature!  


Leonie – Ohh Couture (Instagram / Blog)
Leonie is the cutest, hands down. She is immersed in the world of haute couture, always at every fashion week and working with amazing brands like Dior, yet she is so real and down to earth. She showcases her behind the scenes moments, silly dancing, fun adventures, search for the best vegan food (relatable), and her true love Alex. I love that her feed is curated to show not just the chic fashion moments, but the real side of her day to day life. She has a fun and silly personality, and lets it show to the public! She is always very open about the issues she faces, whether it be with media, different companies/brands, or places that she travels – showing that while we all dream of the lifestyle we see, there are definitely bumps along the way, it’s not all beautiful clothes and pictures. Her Instagram is the perfect combination of fashion inspiration and down to earth realness that makes me a huge fan. It’s also so great to see all of the posts about how much she is in love with her partner, Alex, and she isn’t afraid to let everyone know it! I love that the two of them travel and work together all the time, and really seem so happy! A great woman to follow, especially for those with wanderlust! 


Amber – Barefootblonde (Instagram / Blog)
I have been following Amber for as long as I can remember. Her gorgeous long blonde hair was forever my hair inspo, and I am so inspired by how she started her own hair extension company from the ground up. She is a fashionably chic mama of 2, soon to be 3, and is so real with her followers. She showcases the ups and downs of mom life, and isn’t shy about letting her followers know about the methods she uses to help with everyday issues we all have, such as skincare, pregnancy, and the baby blues she had at the beginning of her current pregnancy. Her and her husband David are so sweet together, and their two little ones are so cute! I love that she also showcases the fun side of parenting, like all of the fun activities they do together and how silly and fun children are. A lot of the blogs or posts I see about having children seem to document the harder moments, which is so valid, but it is really refreshing to see all the posts and videos about how much joy children bring to our lives, and how fun they can be! She travels a lot with her whole family, and it’s great to see tips on how to travel with little ones, how to pack, and how to style your hair and clothes on vacation! Her blog features a number of different contributors, and her hair extension brand has a ton of tips for styling your hair – whether it be short or long! Definitely someone to follow for hair and any other kind of inspiration!  


Carin – Parisinfourmonths (Instagram / Blog)
Carin is absolutely the most real influencer out there. Moving from Sweden to Paris a few years ago, she managed to learn French (now she’s TRI-lingual!) and really establish a name for herself in the fashion industry. She goes back and forth between being behind the camera to being in front of it, and is very particular about the brands that she works with and the companies she promotes. She creates guides for all of the cities that she travels to the most, and will not share any recommendations with her followers unless she absolutely loves something! She also will get incredibly real in her Instagram stories – ranging from having a hard time finding an apartment in Paris, to being assaulted/followed in the street – and everything in between. She shares her exercise goals, her mental health journey, her goals for the year, and every other type of realness you can think of. Not to mention her photo feed is literally the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing that I follow! She takes phenomenal photos, and her lighthearted attitude and openness is one of my very favourite things about following her. She is always sure to answer questions, share stories, and give you the most beautiful content! I love how she can take the simplest of things and make the most beautiful photo from it, encapsulating the tiny details that may go unnoticed to the average eye. She works with the most amazing brands, and I completely admire her for everything she does. She really proves how with hard work, dedication, and joy, you can follow your dreams and be successful in them. She is a phenomenally inspiring woman to follow!